#World Poetry Day



I recall you never taking the apron off.
You didn’t work but your ‘work was never done’.
Food on the go, a hot crease in the trouser, 24 hours on- demand!

And there was the fun we had.
Summer Days sat in the garden.
Late nights listening to the radio,
Dancing at the back of the sofa.

The fights were epic.
Always ending in tears, hugs and sorry
Cos ultimately who else did we have, except each other.
And yet I now know that when I slept you must have felt you had no one

We laughed when the dark shadows that frightened us turned out to be the boys returning home!
Smiles all round
But there must have been days when you longed for ‘a bit of peace’.

It came of course as it does for us all.
In a sunlit room, after a cup of tea, unusually not made by you
No worries now.

We spent a lot of time talking, reminiscing, memories important
Indeed they are!
Of crinkled golden hands squeezed tight
Of the smells, the scent of a new day
Of hugs
Of love
‘I think I’m dying’ you said
You were right, you were always right

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